Frequently asked questions

What cultural activities did AIMS cultural academy perform?

AIMS cultural academy performed two hugely successful plays - "" and "oru indiyak kanavu". The former is a spoof of the famous movie of (almost) same name. The latter - "oru indiyak kanavu" was a social-science-fiction play that envisions a great Indian society in the future. Both the plays were received extermely well wherever it was played. Particularly, "oru indiyak kanavu" stuck a harmonious social chord in many an audience member.

Apart from these plays, AIMS cultural academy also presented plays by Crazy Mohan and S.Ve. Shekar. We also presented musical concerts thoroughout USA by Yugendran and Harini. We used all these events to promote our social message of volunteering and awareness.

When was AIMS India started?

AIMS India was started as a cultural organization (as AIMS cultural academy) in 1998. It has staged (and continues to) numerous cultural activities in the east coast of USA. This entity developed and matured into AIMS India organization.

Is AIMS an acronym? Why is it in all capitals?

AIMS is not an acronym. It stands for and represents the larger than life goals that this organization has for the betterment of the Indian society.

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