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Village: Andarkulam
Category: Health
Project status: Started
Date: August, 2003
Project cost: $500 (initially)
Donated by: AIMS India Foundation, New Jersey chapter


This project is being spearheaded by AIMS India Foundations New Jersey chapter volunteer Subbu Periasamy who wanted to start a village medical center at Sankarankovil in Tirunelveli district. This center has started functioning in early August, 2003.


























The project proposal is as follows:
By providing basic Health Care to the panchayat, we can bring the panchayat people together to implement more sustained projects by the locals and for the locals.

Why Health Care?
1.Hospital Access
Nearest hospital is 10 Kms away from the village There is no frequent bus transportation to the nearest hospital.
2.Doctor Visit Cost Each visit to the doctor and medicine will cost between 50 and 100 Rs. and we know how many visits the poor patient has to make to get cured.

The following villages are coming under the Sankarankovil Panchayat, Tirunelveli. Around 1500 people are benefited.

Andar Kulam
Pooalinga Puram
Periasamya Puram
Uthan Kulam
Perumal Patti

Doctor Visit Hours  Monday – Saturday 7. am to 3.0 pm (8 hours)

Building Coordinators
Panchayat President Ramalingam and Balu will oversee the daily activities and give us constant feed back to us weekly basis.

Cost involved
Doctor Salary             Rs             5000 – 6000 per month
Medicine                  Rs             5000 per month

I would suggest charging a patient 5 Rs (minimum) per visit and the remaining fund to be raised by AIMS members and volunteers.

Note added August 4, 2003:

Dear everyone,
 As you all might know that Health Care Project was successfully launched at Andarkulam on August 3rd, 2003. President Mr Ramalingam presided over the opening ceremony with around 250 people gathered. Balu and SankaranKovil Lions President Mr. Sankara Subbiah with some of its members had attended the function. Mr. Ramalingam had given a brief speech about AimsIndia and our mission towards village development and the meeting lasted for an hour .
On opening day itself, there were around 100 patients, but doctor could see only 60 patients due to time constraint and again today 50 patients were given treatment though there were more patients present. My brother-in-law Mr. Velu Chamy pledged table/chairs and the Lions club donated a cupboard. Everyday money collection is handed over to Balu who is the financial controller for the project. I will post the pictures as soon as I receive them.
Doctor suggests hiring a female nurse as he finds it difficult to mange the patients alone. He is currently accompanied by a male nurse who is paid by the doctor. When I talked to my father today, he said that some patients from villages near by are staying overnight at my house to see the doctor next day morning.
It is a good sign that the program is being well received by the panchayat people. I would like to thank Balu who has been a key contributor for successfully implementing this project. I thank Mr. Ramalingam for his total commitment towards making our panchayat as a MODEL PANCHAYAT in TirunelVeli district. I also thank Lions President Mr. Sankara Subbiah for his time and great help towards this project. 
Last but not least, I thank every one of AimsIndia members for making this excellent project possible and I feel proud to be one among them.
Thanks & Regards,

Subbu Periasamy
NJ AIMS India.


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